Allen Class Legal Laser® Vang

The Holt Allen Laser Vang ships complete with lines and all parts.

This vang provides a 15:1 mechanical advantage for effortless use and release.

Cascade line is 3/32" Spectra & the cleated line is 3/16".

Total weight is 12.3oz, the same weight as the Harken Laser Vang

A8331Regular price: $199.99Sale price: $165.00

Fast Pin for Vang Attachment Fast Pin for Vang Attachment Use our Fastpin to rig and remove your vang in a hurry. Don't waste sailing time using a split ring! without this handy helper you will be last on the water and last to the bar!

This Pin may require you to drill out the hole In the vang tang slightly to get a very snug fit.

6mm diameter. 15mm usable length Length overall 29.5mm

Fast Pin for Vang Attachment HA5006Regular price: $6.99Sale price: $3.49


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