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Replacement Ash Tiller for the Sunfish®

This tiller for the Sunfish® Is made from light and stiff Ash. The same wood canoe paddles are made from. It comes undrilled so you can match it to the hardware your Sunfish® rudder uses regardless of the year. Now you can get back up to speed and replace your broken or flexing tiller with this nice stiff new one.


ASFTRegular price: $59.99Sale price: $44.99

Side Strap for the Sunfish®, Zuma & Force 5 TillerSide Strap for the Sunfish®, Zuma & Force 5 TillerThis is the side plate that attaches the rudder blade to the tiller on the Sunfish®, Zuma & Force 5.

Made Proudly in the USA

85173Regular price: $19.99Sale price: $10.99


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