Club Spar Set for the Opti

A great value on a club level spar set for the Optimist.


OD 45mm wt: 2mm silver anodized

Stainless steel halyard block.

Stainless steel cam cleats halyard and downhaul

Nylon pin stop.

2 Stainless steel eyes for fixing the sail.

Plastic cap ends


OD 40mm wt 1.5mm silver anodized

Nylon in and out board end fittings.

Nylon outhaul cleat

Nylon fitting for downhaul and mainsheet.


OD 27mm wt 1.5mm silver anodized.

Plastic ends

Chafe guard

Includes Mast, boom & sprit.

EX1052SQRegular price: $325.15Sale price: $285.00

Click to enlargeOpti Spars Rigging KitClub Spars Rigging Kit. Includes sprit halyard with floating harken micro block, vang, outhaul, bridle with ring, gooseneck preventor and sail ties set

EX1056Regular price: $36.00Sale price: $30.99

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