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D Splice Splicing Pull  Needle Kit

Kit Includes:

Machined alloy handle, with anchoring loop (4) Stainless Steel Needles and an Anodized Aluminum Handle (2) 1 mm needles with length 24 cm (approx. 1/25" diameter and & length = 9-1/25") (2) 1.5 mm needles with length 26 cm ;(approx. 1/16" diameter and & length = 10-1/4") Storage tube


Used for splicing all type of halyards, sheets, topping lifts, lazyjacks and control lines

Suits lines from 2 mm (5/16") diameter to 4 mm (5/32") diameter

Specifically designed for use with modern synthetic fibers and rope constructions, in particularly small line sizes where conventional fids/needles don't work


Ideal for double braid from 3.5 mm to 14 mm and 3- Strand ropes up to 28 mm

Ideal for making "Soft Shackles"

Ideal for pulling cover plaits into the core for making tapered sheets

Materials: Highly polished stainless steel Needles with anodized aluminum Handle in order to last in maritime conditions

Needle / Fid Sizes:

(2) 1 mm with length 24 cm (approx. 1/25 inch diameter and length = 9-1/25") (2) 1.5 mm with length 26 cm (approx. 1/16 inch diameter and length = 10-1/4")

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