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Flying Scot Main Sail

Make no mistake about it. These are racing cut Flying Scot sails made from our firmer finish cloth for durability and longevity. Not to mention that they are very competitive and fast!

Made using body in 4.65oz medium-firm resin coated polyester. lens foot (shelf along boom) 3.8oz medium-firm resin coated polyester. Racing cut with window, battens and self adhesive digital 8 numbers.

Tune to the snug fitting.

IF YOU PLAN ON RACING WITH THIS SAIL PLEASE CONTACT; Flying Scot Sailing Association Courtney Waldrup ( 800-445-8629 or Jamie Mansperger

To purchase the $20 royalty tags to make the sails FSSA class legal.

FSMPrice: $499.99Sale price: $399.99


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