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Perfect for Laser Traveler of Sunfish Halyard!

Robline employs STS - Stronger Than Steel® cores for high performance applications, e.g. for cores of backstays and halyards used on race yachts such as TP52 and Mini Maxi.

A special heat stretch process, which includes a specified cool down phase during which the rope's structure is defined, makes it possible to achieve an enormous increase in breaking strength coupled with minimal stretch. Therefore, our STS Ocean 5000 can be applied wherever extreme demands need to be met.

Of course, the rope can be spliced conventionally when it has to be prepared and finished for specific purposes. The high strength SLS coating ensures low abrasion and a good cohesion of the fibers.

Great for Dinghy Travelers and Vangs.

25' for Sunfish Halyard

12'-13' for Laser Traveler

6' for Zuma Traveler

3' for Aero Traveler

Robline 3mm STS Ocean 5000 PreStretch Dyneema Single Braid By The Foot STSO50003mm$1.10

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