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Only 12 Ounces with the Ritchie Compass!

We knew that there had to be a lighter and more cost effective way to put a compass on a Laser® or Sunfish®. The Block itself only weighs 2 ounces and is made in the USA. It is 5.5" Square and recessed a full half inch for the compass. The block stands 2" off of the deck so it is nice and low but easy to see. With compass the whole unit stands 4.5" off of the deck.

The rotating bezel on the compass still functions. The compass is held in place with 3 velcro squares. The block is held onto the Laser® with 2 velcro strips and the cunningham/outhaul lines that slide through the base. On a Sunfish or other boat not using the lines through the base more velcro must be added.

The recess is 4 1/8" in diameter and can work with other compasses as well.

Intensity Foam Compass Block MHSCBRegular price: $29.99Sale price: $4.99


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