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Intensity Sails Gription Hiking Strap for the ILCA/Laser

We took input from all the Laser® sailors we know and this is what we came up with. 3 1/2" wide, 32" long with a very firm foam padding so you feel connected to the boat. We use a grippy rubberlike material on the bottom and rolled it up over the edges. This avoids a sharp edge to irritate your skin. With any rubber boots you will feel the grip and be more secure in the boat. The aft end of the strap is a full 2 7/8" wide to help avoid the strap rolling and flipping around. We also added a small tab loop at the aft end to terminate your main sheet or to put the bungee cord through.

We threw in the "Sail with Intensity" to keep you motivated out on the water!

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Also fits the Zuma and 4 of these work on the Snipe.

LHSPrice: $29.99Sale price: $19.99

Mounting Plate for Hiking strap and Board BrakeMounting Plate for Hiking strap and Board BrakeThis is the mounting plate that holds down the forward end of the hiking strap and another next to it holds the daggerboard stopper in place.

Also fits the Current New Sunfish Hiking strap mount

A99GPrice: $3.99Sale price: $1.99


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