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Intensity Sails Power Head sail for the Laser®

We made our Power Head sail for the big folks out there and those places that have light air in the summer. The sail is complete with battens and sets up on a full rig spar set. This sail keeps it fun for more people! In light air the contortions and discomfort are over. You can sail the boat as you would with more breeze on the full rig sail. For the not so small among us this sail is a godsend! The boat sails beautifully! If lighter sailors can use a radial or 4.7 sail then it is time for the Power Head sail for those of us who are a little bigger!!

Please be sure that your mast step is in good working condition. We will not be liable for any hull damage.

Tentative Portsmouth Numbers

Laser Sq LASEQ 89.3 90.8 90.0 89.2 85.2

ISLPHSRegular price: $299.99Sale price: $179.99

Clew Strap for the Laser®Clew Strap for the Laser®Ever wonder why this little nylon strap with D ring and velcro is $20 some places? So did we. That is why ours is made just as well using black nylon webbing and velcro for much less!

Put the money you save into going to more regattas!

CLEWRegular price: $19.99Sale price: $9.99


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