Original Style Bottom Vang Block for  Laser® Sailboat

These are replacement blocks and vang pin for the original vang for the Laser® sailboat.

Laser® is the registered trademark of Vanguard Sailboats. Intensity Sails is not an authorized dealer or distributor of Laser® Sailboats, parts or accessories, or a licensee of Vanguard Sailboats. Vanguard Sailboats neither approves nor authorizes products sold by Intensity Sails.


Vang Stopper BallVang Stopper BallWe use this on the Vang control line. Slide the stopper ball onto the vang control line and tie a figure 8 knot to position the ball at your downwind vang setting. Just before the windward mark release the vang and the stopper ball will stop the line at the vang cam at the right setting every time.

Sm Stopper Ball Blue 5/32"

RF1317BLUPrice: $2.35Sale price: $2.17


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