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Over 22,000 sold since 1994!

The standard RC Laser package is ready to sail in less than 5 minutes.

Included in the standard boat are the following parts:

Hull – blow molded polypropylene, one part (not sandwiched together). Virtually indestructible.

Standard Mast (for B, C, D Sails) – Two-part, tapered, composite, free-standing mast with fixed gooseneck attached.

Standard Boom (also called the “long” boom used for A sail and B sail) – supplied with three adjusters for trimming the sail and attaching the mainsheet.

B Sail – This is the mid range sail good for sailing in winds up to 20 mph.

Keel – A molded keel fin with lead ballast attached. Comes with a plastic fairing shield installed over lead. A wing-lock fitting at top of the fin provides easy through-boat installation in a snap!

Rudder – molded with integral prongs that snap into the tiller to hold in place. Pintle and gudgeon for outboard mounting.

Electronics – All boats come with class-approved waterproof steering and sail servos a battery holder, and a wire harness with on-deck switch.

Radio Equipment – comes with a 2.4 ghz spread spectrum transmitter and receiver. (No Crystals)

Not included: 12 AA batteries that will power the boat and radio equipment for 5-6 hours. Boat Stand or Carry Case

You may choose any 2 digit sail number you like as long as there is no overlap in your local fleet. When there is an overlap in a national event a 1 is added to make a 3 digit number.

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RC Laser® Complete Ready to Sail Radio Controlled Sail Boat RCLSRRegular price: $350.00Sale price: $299.99


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