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Rooster Diamond Overhead Buoyancy Aid 50N

The super comfortable, compact design of the RoosterŪ Diamond Overhead Buoyancy Aid features a high cut waist to allow unrestricted movement and easy access to a trapeze hook. The highly adjustable shoulder and waist straps ensures a great fit for different body shapes, while the recessed, neoprene-covered buckles removes the risk of snagging on ropes and rigging. Strong, rip-stop fabric ensures longevity and provides greater wear resistance with reflective panels for improved visibility. The front pocket is large enough to keep a spare hat, safety knife, tape and snacks, with an integral hook and mesh pocket for your keys, shackles and other spares.

The RoosterŪ 50N Diamond Buoyancy Aid is rated ISO CE12402-5.

FEATURES Rated ISO CE12402-5.


Designed with a high cut to allow unrestricted movement from the waist and easy access to a trapeze hook

Adjustable waist and shoulder straps provide room for growth and the adaptability to ensure a close, safe fit for a wide variety of body shapes

All buckles recessed into neoprene pockets to remove the risk of snagging on ropes and rigging

Strong rip stop fabric for greater longevity and wear resistance

Large, front pocket with space for hat, safety knife, tape and snacks which also incorporates a hook for keys and mesh pocket for shackles and other spares

Reflective strips for improved visibility

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