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Ronstan RF1032 Outhaul Shackle

When used with a 20mm block and a clew strap this makes a great outhaul system. The long lever makes opening and closing easy. This will hold the clew close to the boom with no chance of releasing until you want it to.

Also perfect for the tack of the Jib on a 420!

RF1032Regular price: $22.19Sale price: $19.23

Allen 20mm BlockAllen 20mm BlockThese may look similar to some competitors but take a closer look at the finer details of the design, the quality of the materials and construction to fully appreciate the difference. From the patented high strength 316 stainless steel line friendly ultra strap, to the soft contours of the sheave and cheeks moulded from advanced engineering polymers, patented dynamic bearing technology featuring twin rows of 316 stainless steel ball bearings all held together with a meticulously designed 316 stainless steel jacket, Allen blocks are the strongest and best available on the market.

Line Diameters 2.5mm-6mm

Breaking strength 540 Kgs

Weight 11.1 Grams

HT2020Regular price: $12.12Sale price: $10.99
Harken #224 Micro BlockHarken #224 Micro BlockThis little block is used for the "dingleberrys" (the 2 turning blocks on the mast for the outhaul) and can also be used at the clew of the sail either on a clew hook or a shackle.

These are the same Harken blocks that come with the boat when new.

These fit the Maffioli Swiftcord we have on our Line page.

Sheave dia. (in) 7/8

Length (in) 1-1/2

Weight (oz) 1/2

Max. line dia. (in) 1/4

SWL (lb) 200

Breaking strength (lb) 1200

224Regular price: $14.55Sale price: $12.99

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