Ronstan Sticky 3 Full Finger Race Glove

These are the best gloves we have found. Made with special "sticky" Amara for maximum durability, minimum stretch and extra grip. It reduces fatigue by minimizing the physical effort required to hold rope. Quick drying and designed to not interfere with your watch, the Sticky glove is a favorite.

Amara palm and fingers, Kevlar stitching, spandex back and sides of fingers, neoprene wrist band, Velcro closure.

Grip: Special "sticky" Amara that reduces fatigue by minimizing the effort required to hold a line.

Fit/Cut: Low cut to avoid interfering with and hitting watch buttons.

Contoured neoprene wrist band, UPF 50 UV protection, double thickness palm and fingers for protection and grip, double Aramid stitching in high wear areas, mesh panels for flexibility and quick drying.

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