Stainless Steel Spring Gate Snap Hook for Optimist or Sunfish mainsheet

This is the simple way to attache and detach the mainsheet from the boom bridle on the optimist. Easy for little fingers yet very secure and strong.

Also perfect for a 7mm main sheet to attach to the cable traveler on a Sunfish.

A: 2" B: 7/16" C: 1/4"

154250Price: $5.95Sale price: $3.99

Harken 2650 40mm Carbo Block Harken 2650 40mm Carbo Block This block attaches to the strap eye in the hull that is forward of the ratchet block. Also great for Barber haul on a Daysailer.

Lightest and smoothest of it's kind!

3/8" max line

Sheave 1-9/16

H2650Price: $31.05Sale price: $27.99

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