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Top Cover for Optimist - Moistureguard

This high quality top cover is becoming the most popular and will last and last. It is made of Moistureguard 2000, a heavy duty 900 polyester with a polyurethane membrane making it water resistant and breathable.

Water inside the boat can evaporate through the membrane preventing mildew. The cover comes in light gray with an attractive blue trim panel protecting the sides of the boat. The light gray color was chosen because it reflects the suns rays, reducing the heat, which can damage any fiberglass part.

There are two adjustable quick-clip buckles with tough straps that hold the cover in place. Even in a severe wind and rain storm the boat and cover will not become separated. Shock cord surrounds the edges of the cover-making placement easy and secure. This top cover is tented so there is enough room to store the spars inside the boat.

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